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Building, managing, and getting students engaged and participating in online courses is a LOT of work, Online educators spend far too much time preparing, updating, and grading course activities as well as monitoring and motivating students to participate.

But how do you reduce the time spent doing these tasks?

And how do you get students motivated to participate and actually learn something?

With the knowledge and skills of the key components for a successful online course!

You need to know which andragogical principles work best in an online course. How to apply just the right adult learning theories, principles, and best practices that get students engaged and learning.

Develop a plan for teaching and learning in my online workshops and courses.

In my online workshops and courses, I will teach you the key components needed to develop your plan for teaching and learning in your online course. You’ll discover the andragogical concepts that will get your learners engaged and actively participating in your course. And how to reduce the time you spend managing vs. teaching.

Prefer group coaching?

The Educators’ Coaching Program—a 90-day group coaching sprint—explores your teaching practice and assists you with your specific instructional applications. Group participation helps members develop teaching plans, define assessment plans, build and manage communities of inquiry, and troubleshoot problem areas to create effective and successful teaching practices and online courses. Private coaching is also available.

Who is it for?

Coaching sessions, challenges, seminars, and courses assist faculty and instructors who are

  • new to online teaching
  • not yet teaching online, but want to start, and
  • experienced teaching online

get on the right track to streamlining their teaching plan and create effective and successful online courses where students participate, learn, and grow.

Educators' Coaching Program

This 90-day group coaching sprint is for faculty who want to accelerate their teaching practice and receive assistance in the design and development of their online courses, learning activities, community building and management, or other elements.

Participation in a 30-minute onboarding call will help you get clarity on your plans and goals for the sprint, a mid-sprint call for sharing your progress and needs, and another at the closing to discuss your completed sprint project. 

Weekly online group sessions provide instruction and open discussion for sharing with your coach and peers your questions and concerns about the various aspects of teaching in the online environment.

Membership in a private community for ongoing discussions is included. Individual support is provided throughout the 90-Day Sprint.

IMPACT Seminars

IMPACT Seminars provide a solid overview of andragogical applications in online course subjects and includes hands-on practice of key components of your own course. Sessions are held in a video meeting room with chat capabilities. An optional private group discussion setting is available. Learning resources may include video lectures, PDF documents, internet links, discussion forums, and other elements. Length: 3 hours, plus optional 2 weeks.

Building Communities
of Inquiry

An overview of the elements of building and managing online learning communities of inquiry where students are motivated to participate, think critically, and reach transformative learning. Learn how to craft discussions that inspire.

Aligning Course Objectives

Aligning course objectives with teaching and learning activities and assessment methods based on the differing levels of cognitive processes supports learning and application outside the classroom. Bring your course objectives and get started aligning.


Crafting the Teaching Plan

Syllabi, objectives, and rubrics are indispensable in structuring courses and provide a basis for students to shape their learning practice. This seminar provides an overview of the purpose and construction of each element and gets you started developing your own.